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Laundry Duct Cleaning

Fire services, as well as several local councils, and us here at laundry duct cleaning Bradford have all identified the potential risks involved, when a dryer duct is not maintained correctly. Not only that, but insurance companies have, as part of their initial contract, a clause advising that laundry chuts and ducts must be maintained, cleaned and serviced at regular intervals.

As this is often one of the most overlooked areas of the kitchen, several insurance agreements make a specific point of potential clients checking the ducting first, before any agreement is signed.

All of this potential confusion, can be rectified by a single, quick call to laundry duct cleaning Leeds, for further information, and for any question you may have about this initially.

Once a duct has been checked by laundry duct cleaning Sheffield, and is being maintained on a regular basis on an annual cleaning programme, the risks of both fire and health hazards drop exponentially. The risks that are associated with a laundry duct are mainly due to the build of of lint within the main laundry pathway. Once this build up has begin, much like the grease and carbon build up as described previously, so then begins a process called "packing". This is when the lint becomes compacted within the corners and the chute, and then along the main pathway. The hardened substance then makes laundry transit and air circulation that much more difficult.

This then exascerbates the chance of both decreased air circulation, and the potential for carbons to collect in the laaundy duct, which, as time goes on and the problem is unnoticed, will only become more expensive and time consuming to rectify.

The final effect is not only a diminished running of the laundry duct, but a much larger maintenence bill at a later date, as well as an increased risk of temporary closure. Imagine what a detrimental effect that can have on a business, both from a revenue and public perception point ov view. 

At laundry duct cleaning Manchester we can advise you on the type of clean and maintenence that will be required, as well as advise you on the costs before any work is undertaken.

Here at  laundry duct cleaning Bradford we can advise that laundy ducts are one of the areas that staff tend to forget about, as they are getting on  with their busy work days.

Call  laundry duct cleaning Leeds to arrange a fire risk assessment and for a maintenwnce programme.,

see also laundry duct cleaning Sheffield for the photo gallery to see for yourself some before and after pictures of some laundry ducts that we have recently checked and maintained. The results speak for themselves.

As with the other bespoke services that laundry duct cleaning Manchester offer, please contact us directly on 0800 019 7752 in order to book an appointment, to enquire further about our services, or simply to see how we may be of some benefit to your business in the future.



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we now use the Lifa combi 15 duct cleaning method on our laundry ducting to ensure we reach all areas


Laundry Duct Cleaning Bradford

Laundry Duct Cleaning Leeds

Laundry Duct Cleaning Sheffield

Laundry Duct Cleaning Manchester

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Photo Gallery

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  • Method statements and risk assessments always carried out
  • Fully uniformed personnel with identification badges
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  • Working methods monitored by our Health and Safety Department
  • All works are audited and certified
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