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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

An all too common occurence, in many of todays modern kitchens, is the quick spill, or drip on surface, that is quickly wiped then forgotten about. This is due in part, to the speed at which the food is produced, the amount of staff on hand to serve, and mainly to the long hours that the equipment has to run in order to support mass food preparation.

Grease, oil and oil-based foodstuffs, as well as other tiny food deposits are spilt, and often make their way into hidden oarts of ovens, grills, fryers, and hot and cold cupboards. This in turn then leads to hard, carbon based deposits which it has been proven, then encourage bacterial growth. However, this is not the only issue at work here – as these deposits, either within the heating units themselves, or located near an internal thermostat, will affect the accuracy of the internal temperature guage, leading to incorrect and improper cooking temperatures.

In the likely event that, as is the case in most larger kitchens, your own staff do not have the time or the resources to tackle such a cleaning problem, while maintaining a working kitchen environment, then booking kitchen deep cleaning Bradford would, at this instance, be required.

Kitchen deep cleaning Leeds will, as stated, after the initial consultaion, solve your problemsboth economically, and with an absolute minimum of disruption to your normal working programme, enabling you to continue, as much as is practicable, with your day to day working.

Upon beginning the cleaning programme, kitchen deep cleaning Sheffield will test all your equipment, fully dismatle each item with the upmost care, then clean every surface, using specific cleaning chemicals appropriate for each unit and surface.
Upon completion of all the grease and associated carbon, kitchen deep cleaning Manchester will then reassemble, sanitise and test each kitchen unit, only making sure the job is signed off, when you are happy with the results, for the  fully cleansed units to be operated the following day. If cthis procedure is carried out on a regular basis by kitchen deep cleaning Bradford, this will prove to be cost effective, efficient and a positively proficient step towards the unkeep and the longer life of your equipment.

Catering Equipment
Here at kitchen deep cleaning Leeds we endeavour to deep clean, to renovate, then to retuen your kitchen equipment back to its original state, in a more pristine hygenic condition. Where the equipment has to be removed from its original position, dismantled and parts cleaned specifically rather than as a whole, kitchen deep cleaning Sheffield, will then degrease the items, and decarbonise them where needed, before being washed, sanitied and restired for use. 

On completion of  all of the above, each item of equipment will be thoroughly degreased, including, and not limited to, wheels and castors. Any major defects in the agreed kitchen equipment discovered by kitchen deep cleaning Manchester while carrying out the agreed work, will be reported directly to the manager by our staff.
Walls and Ceiling areas specified and agreed upon, will be degreased, sanitised and polished by KITCHEN DEEP CLEAN BRADFORD. Areas that we can clean include painted surfaces, tiled walls and floors, Stainless steel, aluminium, wood or melamine surfaces or all kinds. In addition to the above surfaces, all associated "ad hoc" kitchen equipment are covered for cleaning by KITCHEN DEEP CLEAN LEEDS. These include, fire extinguishers, hand dryers, switches, sockets, electric boxes, fuse boxes, signs, first aid boxes, doors, sills, frames, radiators and telephones -all are covered by the specification. Finally, KITCHEN DEEP CLEAN SHEFFIELD will, unlike some other bespoke cleaning solutions also manage ceiling areas, including light diffusers, skylights and pipework.

Kitchen floor areas specified to KITCHEN DEEP CLEAN MANCHESTER will be chemically saturated, scrubbed or steam cleaned and finally sanitised and dried in order to leave a non-slip surface. Floor areas that areincluded within a narmal cleaning package include most varieties, including, quarry tiled, armourlite, vinyl and safety flooring.

Finally, all external surfaces advised for cleaning, will within a general cleaning package, be degreased and sanitised. Fridges, freezers, microwaves, dishwashers, and waste disposals of all sizes and brands, as well as tables and sinks, are covered by the general specification.



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Kitchen Deep Cleaning Bradford

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Leeds

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Sheffield

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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

A sight too common in today's kitchens, mainly due to the speed at which food is produced & the long hours that equipment is constantly running. Naturally, grease, oil and food deposits are spilt on hidden parts of grills, ovens, fryers, hot cupboards etc...

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Extract Cleaning

A fire occurs every 6 hours because canopies, filters and ducting systems become built up with deposits of grease, particularly in areas adjacent to deep fat fryers. Beside a fire risk these deposits can lead to humidity, high temperatures...

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Commitment to Professionalism, Safety & Training

  • All team members are trained in COSHH, Health & Safety at Work , Food Hygiene Regulations, PASMA and IPAF Certified. The Green Book Scheme and the ventilation Hygiene Training Course
  • All equipment and apparatus checked as safe
  • Method statements and risk assessments always carried out
  • Fully uniformed personnel with identification badges
  • Provision of hydraulic platform with fully trained driver holding the appropriate certificate and licence
  • Working methods monitored by our Health and Safety Department
  • All works are audited and certified
  • Fully insured public and Employee liability (£10 Million)