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Canopy Cleaning

At canopy cleaning Bradford, we would avise something that is most often overlooked in the efficient running of a kitchen -  how incredibly important it is, to keep the extractor hood clean.

The extractor hood's function is to remove grease leaden fumes, and other such associated vapours, from your work area. It often goes unnoticed that, as these lay in the air, they then only take a few hours to settle, resulting in an unsightly and unhygenic film of bacteria on all of your equipment.

Not only that, but the extractor keeps the temperature regulated, as well as the air circulating, once again keeping the bacteria from multiplying, and therefore keeping the kitchen atmosphere as hygenic as is possible.
The extractor hood itself, needs to be cleaned and maintained in good working order as regulalry as possible, in order to keep your kitchen functioning at maximum efficiency, for all concerned – staff, patrons and visitors.

 If regularly specified commercial cleaning, such as ones as offered by canopy cleaning Leeds, is not carried out then there is no way to prevent the build-up of grease and other flammable substances in the extractor hood or canopy system. Should this happen, then grease and carbon, will begin to build up in your kitchen extractor hoods, blocking the flow of air ,within the extraction system.

Studies have shown, that without regular cleaning, the kitchen performance is adversely affected, as well as having a detrimental impact on both your electric bills, future cleaning outgoings and overall food preparation performance.

Furthermore, areas which are not cleaned and maintained both regularly and professionally, by canopy cleaning Sheffield, can quickly become a fire risk, contravening the initial Fire Precaution Act 1971, as well as several since this date.  

Apart from the previously mentioned fire hazards, which canopy cleaning Manchester can help you with, Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems also pose hygiene hazards. Kitchens can be officially closed down if not compliant with the most up to date Health & Safety legislation. These can be caused by anything from unknown and off-putting odors, to vermin infestation brought on by non-health-complient kitchen surfaces.

Here at canopy cleaning Bradford we strongly advise all our potential customers to order and become versant in both the latest Health & Safety and most recent fire legislation. This is not only to show how much our service canopy cleaning Leeds are applicable with all latest legislation, but simply good common sense.

Cleaning of commercial extractor hoods is also a part of our service at canopy cleaning Sheffield.  We are here to help you avoid all these listed situations. Please call canopy cleaning Manchester directly on 0800 019 7752 for a no-obligation quote, or just for an informal chat and how we can help you meet your canopy cleaning requirements.



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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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Commitment to Professionalism, Safety & Training

  • All team members are trained in COSHH, Health & Safety at Work , Food Hygiene Regulations, PASMA and IPAF Certified. The Green Book Scheme and the ventilation Hygiene Training Course
  • All equipment and apparatus checked as safe
  • Method statements and risk assessments always carried out
  • Fully uniformed personnel with identification badges
  • Provision of hydraulic platform with fully trained driver holding the appropriate certificate and licence
  • Working methods monitored by our Health and Safety Department
  • All works are audited and certified
  • Fully insured public and Employee liability (£10 Million)